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Managing mortgage risk in an uncertain world

Posted by Simudyne on Nov 12, 2018 11:52:19 AM

Imagine if, as the first signs of stress emerged in the Californian housing market a decade ago, bank executives and regulators had been able to use their risk-dashboards to simulate and visualise the far-reaching consequences of mortgage loan defaults in highly-interconnected global markets...

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Obtaining Wisdom Through Simulation

Posted by John Hill on Mar 22, 2018 10:27:17 AM

Although wisdom sits at the apex of the knowledge hierarchy, it is often the aspect that is least discussed. Wisdom should be the ultimate goal of any analytical endeavour. Scrutinising data lets us explore structures, spot patterns, and understand relationships. However, insight from data alone is insufficient to make wise decisions when we are confronted by new and unseen scenarios. Why is this the case? And how do we gear our analysis towards obtaining wisdom?

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